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Miranda from the band Black Wine and Jamie from Small Talk pass it around with various folk they know and / or admire. Sometimes funny, always awkward, totally bitchin. Brought to you by @libsyn @totallybitchinn @blackwineband @smalltalkplus


Jamie sits down with Ari Katz from Lifetime and Mity Lion!  They talk about all the bands, the influences, the muse and more!

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A nice mix from Jamie for your week ahead.















Ram On - Paul McCartney


Ram Jam - Jackie Mittoo


Gigantic - The Pixies


Femme Fatale - Velvet Underground


Fever - Susan Cadogan


Watch This Sound - Slim Smith


When I Was A Little Girl - TT Ross


When U Were Mine - Cyndi Lauper 


Electric Chair - Prince


INTERLUDE:  Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes 

- Deano


Don’t Talk, Just Kiss - The Wedding Present


My Friend Goo - Sonic Youth 


Getting Nowhere Fast - Girls At Our Best!


Giorgio by Moroder - Daft Punk


The Queen is Dead - The Smiths


Hi Life aka High Life aka Happy Brass - The Granville Williams Orchestra


Have You Seen Her Lately? - Pulp 


Hands Off, She’s Mine - The English Beat


Groovy Times - The Clash 


Alright - Kendrick Lamar


80837 233


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Jamie and Miranda again - the doors movie, nine inch nails, workin hardlys, kids, polly jean, pregnant amongst other topics today.

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Podcasts on Podcasts, Aerosmith, Morse Code, Cool Jets, Aerosmith

Miranda and Jamie!


Love in an Elevator or Rag Doll ?

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he's a creepy, rapey, creep that sucks eggs.

Dash Sweat calls in from the Christie Camp.  



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Jamie is back with Dash Sweat and the Week in News.  Mostly talk about Obama, the Confederate Flag, Dashs flipflopping Conservatism, and the  Supreme Court Rules on Gay Marriage!


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And listen to  BLOODSHOT 

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Toby "Dash" Sweat, America's Conservative Blogger/Podcaster/ex-Columnist, Host of the podcast, "A Dash of Sweat!" sits in as Jamie is stuck in traffic.  He explains nothing, except how he was involved in Bridgegate and how he doesn't read the bible.  Jamie talks politics.  yay.  



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Once again it’s on.  Rants on rants on rants.  news and cops.  repeat.  thanks for listening.


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Jamie rants on about the lack of Bill Cosby on the Newsfeed, cops gone wild, and other kooky thangs.




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